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IB History Internal Assessment: The Definitive History [HL/SL] IA Guide For the International Baccalaureate [IB] Diploma

This guidebook addresses the Internal Assessment component of IB History [HL/SL], and what students need to do in order to maximize their marks.


Chapters include:


- Topic: how to find and choose the perfect one

- Structure: planning your IA the ideal way

- Sources: which sources to use and where to find them

- Assessment: maximizing your marks with one eye on the grading criterion


The remaining half of the book is packed with 7 examples of outstanding History IA - all of which have scored at least 22 marks (and several which scored the maximum 25) after being assessed and moderated. Students will be able to see what an excellent IA looks like and how you can achieve the same results.

IAN LOURENÇO graduated with the IB Diploma in 2022. He received 39/45 points as his final score before starting his YouTube channel "Ian and Lara" (formerly "IB with Ian"), with co-founder Lara Vieira Pinto, where he teaches IB History content for free. He is now studying Law with Business at Queen Mary University of London and plans on pursuing a career in legal practice.

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