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  • Who is behind Zouev Publishing?
    We are a small niche publishing house run by two brothers, Alexander and Roman Zouev. We have been publishing IB material since 2009 with over 20,000 books sold worldwide. In more recent years we have started to outsource design and marketing to our reliable partners.
  • I have a collection of notes I want to publish as a book, what do I do?"
    Send us an email! We can discuss specifics from there.
  • Do I retain the copyright to my material?
    Yes. Everything you submit is still your own work. You can take it off the market and edit it as you please.
  • Do you print the books yourselves?
    No, we are the publishers, meaning we compile, edit, format, and design your book before we send it off to our partners at a printing house.
  • Does it cost anything to get my stuff published?
    You will need to pay a 50eur up front fee to have your materials published. This covers our editing and design work, as well as the fee to the printers.
  • How do I get compensated for my work?
    Once we make your book print ready, we will be able to give you the per book print cost (which depends on book type, page count, and paper type). You can then choose your own retail price (in gbp, usd, and eur) for which the book will be displayed on Amazon. You pocket the remaining profit.
  • Do you take a publisher’s fee?
    We take a 10% publishers fee to cover marketing and distribution costs. If your book is bought on Amazon, they will take a retailer discount of anywhere between 20-30%.
  • How do I get paid?
    We will send you your compensation on a quarterly basis, along with a specific breakdown of your sales details.
  • How long after submission can I expect to see my work up on Amazon?
    Usually within 2 weeks we can get your book published and up on major retail sites
  • Can I submit anything and you will print it?
    As long as the work is of a good quality and there is demand for such material, we will be more than happy to publish it.
  • I want to design my own cover, is this possible?"
    Yes, of course, although we will need to approve it and run it by our designers
  • Do you also publish ebooks?
    At the moment we only specialise in getting your books printed in physical form, however we will be introducing a revolutionary ebook service very soon.
  • How will you market my book to schools and students?
    We have direct contact with over 1000 IB schools around the world and also access to social media outlets which cover over 30,000 IB students. We market our books regularly through Instagram and Facebook.
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